Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Modder Fokkers

3 Fokkers (Mike, Chris & Renfrey):

2 Camels (Mitch, Mark) & 1 Bristol Fighter (Jim):

It soon got up close & personal with damage rising slowly but most planes avoiding critical damage. 

The first to go down was Chris's  yellow Fokker having attracted fire from Mike's Fokker (if firing too close to one of your own planes 1's hit it) as well all the Brits, before being finished off by the Bristol's tail gunner.  But the remaining Fokkers fought back & both Camels followed the Fokker to earth.  Now carrying a lot of holes, but no serious damage the Bristol put her nose down & ran for home.  The equally damaged Fokkers were happy to let it and its nasty twin tail guns go.

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