Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Friday Musket Action at Good Games

Jim's Brits v. Chris' French

The 2 houses are objectives.  If not cleary held by one side, most kills wins.
Initial deployment:  The Brits are on the near side.
The Brits have rushed forward to secure the houses with infantry (RH) & Indians (LH).  
The British overlap on the right is working well.  The end French line coy broke & the Colonials are being shot up.
Once they had established superiority the British line wore the French down on the right.  Desperate French attacks to try & grab the houses failed.  So a big win for the Brits.

Thus battle only lasted a bit over an hour.  It makes a big difference if most of the battlefield is open ground.

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Lee Hadley said...

Nice batrep.