Saturday, May 05, 2018

Saltanokova 1812 continued

We decided to continue where we left off a week before & fight the battle to a conclusion.
Renfrey took over the French right from Dave.

The French consolidated their cavalry left of centre, but it was too blown to make counterattack.  In the centre numbers counted & a hole developed the French had no reserves left to fill. The Russian advances on both flanks were inevitably slow but inevitable just the same.  With 2 divisions broken the rest of their army shaken or near to it the French gave up.

Although we played it over 2 nights, there was only 3 & half hours playing time - not bad for the size of battle with the Russians attacking.  Their low command rating made their manouvre slow.  Their poor shooting stat made killing the French a slow business & their stubborn-ness made it hard for the French to break them too.


Lee Hadley said...

Good looking game

Gonsalvo said...

Looks good! Aside from Borodino, there aren't a lot of good battles to be had from the Russian campaign. This one looks like it's worth a go!