Monday, May 07, 2018

Sunday Action at Good Games

While posted as Bolt Action afternoon the two games played were What a Tanker & Musket Action.

JohnM set up a Two Fat Lardies' What a Tanker game for some of the BA guys to try out.

Each of the 4 players had either 1 monster tank or 2 normal ones.  It's a game for a small number of tanks given depth by the use Saga style playboards & the need to optimise the result of handful of dice.  It looked great on Matthew's terrain & the blokes obviously enjoyed it, but personally I think it's too much playing a game system & not enough war.

Musket Action:
1350 pts, double envelopment scenario.  Chris' French v. Jim's Brits.  This BA scenario has half the forces on table at the start & the rest in reserve to come from turn 2.  VPs are gaimed by killing enemy units (1 each), getting your units into the enemy deployment zone (2 each) off the enemy's table edge (3 each).
Both side put their regular infantry & artillery on the table at the start.  The Brits advanced immediately.
The French advanced to meet the Brits on their right with Colonial regulars coming up in support.  They defended on their left.  The Brits supported their left with their cavalry
On the left, after the infantry softened the French up, the cavalry charged & broke through, taking  out the front line, then the Colonials behind. A fire fight rages along the rest of the line.
On the left, one Brit cavalry cavalry won lost a lot of casualties in the breakthrough.  The French gun turned & broke one of the cavalry troops.  The other has dashed for the enemy baseline as the Brit infantry wraps around the exposed French right flank.  In the centre the French have now attacked & have broken through the Brit front line.  In the woods on the right, the Brit Indians have beaten of the Colonial militia.
On the left the Brit infantry & Indians are wearing the outflanked French down.  In the centre, Indians in the farmyard have held off Colonial regulars, but the French grenadiers have over-run the gun.  The Brit grenadiers in the little wood are holding off the French on the right.

By the end of turn 6 when the game ended, The Brits have lost 7 units, the French 6, both sides have 1 unit over the enemy baseline (Brit cav & French grenadiers), but the Brits have 2 Indian bands in the enemy deployment zone to win 13 VPs to 10.


Truscott Trotter said...

Yes the Tank game wass a fun beer n Pretzles game - but with a surprising amount of tactical decision making for a relatively simple set of rules.
The Dashboard is more like Wings of Glory than Saga.
In other words no special abilities to play just a place to keep track of damage and status

Dead1 said...

Interesting comment about What A Tanker. I was curious as to how it works. So I assume by the beer n pretzels comment, it's infinitely less bizarre and convoluted than Command Decision!

dead1 said...

Whoops meant Chain of Command, not Command Decision.

Jim Gandy said...

My Saga comparison with WAT is that in both of them, in your turn you throw a bunch of dice and you have to decide how to optimise your use of them. I prefer to make tactical decisions knowing the odds than dice to see how it works.