Saturday, May 12, 2018

Musket Action: War of Independance

Renfrey (French & Americans) v. Chris (British)
1,300 pts, No Mans Land Scenario
The Brits on the far side have their regular infantry battalion in the centre, cavalry & artillery on their right, Indians & light infantry on the their left.
The French line battalion is in the centre, Colonial regulars on their left & woodsmen on their right. In the
The regular infantry are slugging it out in the centre.  Light troops are skirmishing on the far flank.  On the near flank, the Colonials are moving to the centre rather than take on the cavalry.
 In the centre & on the far flank casulaties are mountingwith no one gaining a clear advantage.
In what could be a decisive move, the British cavalry have smashed through the French & Colonial line.
The Brits got the first command dice out of the bag next turn, but poor command dice put their cavalry down & out on a limb & it was blown away by musket & artillery fire, undoing the advantage gained.

The battle ended in a draw with heavy but equal casualties on both sides.

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Lee Hadley said...

Interesting looking game