Thursday, November 03, 2005

Camp Cromwell 03/11/05

On the steppes table:
Mariusz's Polish Armour v. Steve's Winter Russians in a Free for All.
Your reporter was busy elsewhere so details are sketchy, but I gather that the Poles made their traditional galant charge and swept all before them.

Marharajah 2005:
Jim's Carri v. Leigh's Russian Guards.
Free for All on the Lobositz table (plus some extra trees).
The Russian infantry, aa & a/t deployed to defend the objectives while the T34s rushed for the Ities left flank objective.
The Ities sent their M14s forward against the Russian left while the Semos, 90s & L6s covered the objectives.
While the T34s hestitated in the face of the 90s & Semos, the M14s just charged their objective (see pic). They lost 6 tanks, but kept passing morale & mowed down the Ivans on the objective to win 6:1.
The Sturmovics came only once - there were 3 of them, but 1 didn't find a target, 1 was shot down & the other only managed to bail 1M14.
The Regio Aero came 3 times, but was intercepted each time.

We need to fight Barrie v. Jim & Chris v. Peter ASAP.
If the Axis & Allies win one each the two winners will be clearly top of their side & will play off for the Trophy.
If it goes all Axis, or all Allies, it might require more play-offs.

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cpl steiner said...

I guess i was rather distracred by the italian v russian +there wasnt any real terrain available. It was all over in the first go as it was purly down to the dice