Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Fort Floriet Tuesday 01/11/05

Jim's Russian front Fucilieri v. Nick's Russian Infantry in Hold the Line.

Round 1 - Ities defending:
The Ities started well with their attached Pak 40 ambush taking out Nick's SU155 & the Regio Aeronautica taking out 3 T34s. But there were still 7 T34s with riders left. The T34s rushed forward losing another to the Pak 40s before rushing over their covering hill & mowing them down. Then they lost one to the 105s and another to a flank shot from a 47. They then failed their morale test & it was effectively game over. But both sides were disapointed at such an early end & reversed the morale test so the T34s could assault the objective & we could have more fun. The T34s passed all subsequent morale tests & did reach the objective, but the L6s wiped out the Russian infantry and the HQ forcing Army Morale failure before they held it. The Italians could claim 2 wins for this one - one 6:1 & one 5:2.

Round 2 - Russians defending:
We changes sides of the table & did it again.
The Ities marched bravely forward, but a 10 T34 ambush is a fearsome thing on a table almost devoid of cover. It took out the Pak 40s and half the L6s, but the Ities smothered the Ivans in smoke and Avantied on. The Russian infantry & tanks were both driven back by their attack but the T34 counterattack retook the position with great slaughter. They soon finished off the Ities over the centeline to win. A 6:1 for the Soviets.

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