Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Fort Floriet 15/11/05

2250 pts Big Push on a 6' front
Jim's Indian Inf attacking Chris' Grenadiers.

Chris deployed grenadiers entrenched on the objectives with 4 FK36r's, 2 Pak38's and 2 88's in support on the hills behind.
He then went on the Take-Away-Mission (generously conceeding to the Indians HQ's request for Harri Curry) while the Indians deployed.
The Indians attacked on their left with the advance covered by Bofors, HMGs, mortars, RArt & 2 Sherman platoons (2250 pts gives you lots of support). The RE cleared a path through the minefield & wire while the Shermans & Bofors wiped the Pak38(r)s and the mortars & 25pdrs smoked the Pak 38's & 88s.
The first infantry passed through the minefield & wire, attacked & took the objective supported by the Shermans.
But the Indians inf on the right had been destroyed by some hot shooting & bad saves as it made for the shelter of a wadi - this left the Germans free to shift all their troops to their right and thus they were able to make an immediate counterattack - destoying not only the infantry but the Shermans as well with a combination of grenadiers, panzerknackers and a/tank guns (finding gaps in the smoke).
It looked all over for the Indians, but their last infantry platoon retook the objective yet again & held off the immediate counterattack.
The remaining grenadiers went to ground just within 100 of the objective & proved bullet proof as the last Indian infantry platoon got ready for a last effort.
The Indians climbed out of the captured trench & charged. The grenadiers weren't fazed by the Indian War Cry, but still only managed 4 hits, so the attack went home, somewhat blunted by 3 kills out of those 4 hits. In two rounds the grenadiers were all killed. The Indians consolidated back in the trench below half strength, but they passed their Morale Test. The Germans couldn't recontest the objective, so it was Game Over - a narrowest possible victory. Obviously it was the Harri Curry that made the diffference.

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PanzerIII said...

The Indians seem to fight better on a full stomach of curry!