Thursday, November 24, 2005

Camp Cromwell 24/11/05

Lobositz 1756:

Prussians (MarkO, Barrie & SteveP)
Austrians (SteveJ & PeterW)
Jim umpiring.
The Prussian attack concentrated on the right of centre, the infantry & grenadiers going in after a short artillery bombardment while the cavalry guarded their flanks.
The Austrians defended well and counterattacked on their right.
It was a close run thing - when the Austrians failed morale the prussians were only a unit off a test themselves.
The rules mods worked well - in particular the command system seemed a sucess. Some tweeks were suggested to the flank/rear attack rules and we got some ideas for further refinements of the command system.

FOW on the desert table:

Mariusz's Polish armour
MarkW's DAK
in a free for all.
Your correspondant was otherwise occupied, but Mariusz won comfortably.

Next up:

Saturday afternoon at Barrie's (Stalingrad).
Tuesday at Fort Floriet (Maybe US v. Italy in Sicily)
Thursday at Camp Cromwell.

More stats on the FOW battles so far this year

In scenarios with designated attacker & defender: the attacker has won 54%

The best German army is Grenadier with 52% wins.
The best Italian army is Carri with 88% wins.
The best US army is Infantry with 68% wins
The best Empire army is Brat motorised with 88% wins
Russian Infantry & Armour are both on 50% wins.

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