Thursday, November 10, 2005

Camp Cromwell Bulletin 10/11/05

Jim's Indian Infantry + Mark I's Aussie Infantry
Barrie & Steve I's DAK (2 x armoured coys)
Bulge Scenario, DAK attacking.
Barrie on the left, Steve on right of the German attack. Indians forward & Aussies in support. Mariusz provided his Allies with valuable advice.
We agreed to use the 1 Coy fails morale = it is pinned rule to make it practical for the defender to deploy one coy forward & one back.

The Indians defended the forward objectives with 2 inf platoons & mortars. The Aussies moved up to join the rest of the Indians in a second line defending Zone 2.
Steve quickly overran their forward objective with MkIIs but the Oz 6pdr ambush popped the MkIIs & the advance slowed while the 6pdrs were smoked and the Shermans dealt with.
Barrie took some time to clear his forward objective in the face of desperate Indian resistance. They had to kill the platoon to the last man. The Brit 6pdrs attached to the Indians were placed down in the centre. They didn't kill anything, but further slowed the advance.

Finally the Germans realised that they had to charge to make it to Zone 2 before the Allied Turn 10. Steve's Panzers were stopped by the Brit 6pdrs even though they were reduced to 1 gun & command. Barrie's were stopped by the 3rd Indian Infantry.

A win to the Allied defence - Mark's first win for the year.

Both sides had air. The priority Hienies came 3 or 4 times but killed just 1 Sherman. The limited Hurricanes never showed up at all.

The pic is taken at the end from behind the German lines.

Some FOW stats for the year so far:

There are records of about 189 FOW games reported in the year's CC Bulletins so far. These includes the Area 52 Tournament, plus some Fort Floriet games, but do not include Raid Scenarios (too Micky Mouse to count). In multiplayer games all players count a win or loss, though the country counts just 1 win or loss. Tied games aren't counted. I've probably missed or confused the odd result so they are approximate, but can't be far off.

Ignoring draws I've tabulated: (Games won / games lost) & the percentage of wins:

Germans (21/33) 39% won
US (20/12) 62%
Italians (17/11) 60%
British & Empire (17/14) 55%
Russians (12/16) 43%

Infantry (43/43) 50% won
Mechanised (24/26) 48%
Armour (17/16) 51%

Jim (36/19) 66% won
Steve J (16/15) 52%
Chris (10/11) 48%
Leigh (9/2) 81%
Peter (7/8) 47%
Mariusz (5/4) 55%
Barrie (5/10) 33%
Steve P (4/4) 50%
Nick (4/5) 44%
Glen (1/2) 33%
Mark W (1/4) 20%
Starn (1/4) 20%
Mark O (1/6) 14%

Take out Leigh's 9/2 & the Russians score is 3/14 for the rest of us.
Mark O is clearly the most consistant performer.
Army types are all close to 50/50.
The US & the Ities are the Uberarmies.

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