Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Russian tankovaya v Finnish panzer grenadiers

Fort Floriet 01/11/05

The soviet Tankovaya company consisting of 1st company of 9 t34s including the commander and the 2nd company consisting of 4 kv1es+2kv2 advanced on the finnish objectives. Russian air support was non existant ( too much vodka back at base), whilst the brave soviet air defence attempted to beat of those lend lease german fw 190s that kept on appearing. The Finnish command's stratagem was all wrong and this proved fatal as the t34s cut down the finnish infantry advance with their machine gun fire and the brave comrades who defended their tanks from the backs of the t34s. Order of Lenin awarded to them and no doubt they will be awarded Guard status soon by Stalin.

Russian conscripts 6 finns 1


PanzerIII said...

Chris did play very badly !
But unfortunately the tank rider rules were not done properly on both tables.

Tank riders do not get to fire or close assault if pinned. This would have halved the assault dice that the T34's were using as they were receiving 24 dice from smg's in the defensive fire phase!

Also my Finns were Jaegers (Finnish light infantry).

cpl steiner said...

The tank riders were unpinned ,however the majority of kills came from the massed tank machine guns