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Camp Cromwell Bulletin 27/10/05

Camp Cromwell Bulletin 27/10/05

Fort Floriet Tuesday

3000 pts FOW Bulge Scenario
Chris's DAK armour (his own coy + 1 foolishly lent by CC)
Captain Ghandi's Indian Inf + Nick's Oz inf - lent by CC)

Chris concentrated his attack on the Oz flank and methodically started blasting a path up the table - see AIF pic.
The Indians made a brave counterattack - they did all the right things - charged over a hill into the flank of the Panzer platoon under cover of smoke (see Indian pic). But the supporting Crusaders missed every shot and the so-called fearless Indians failed tank terror. Next turn the Crusaders and the Indians were mown down by massed Panzers.
A second Indian platoon was caught in the open having failed to dig in and was masacred leaving the way open for the Panzers to cross into zone 2 just in time to avoid a defender's victory condition.
After that it was a matter of time.

3000 pts makes an awful lot of Panzers - which take an awful lot of stopping, especially under a unified command. K&C doesn't give the Commonwealth much choice in tanks pre Sherman - no 6pdr Crusaders. The 2 pdr Crusaders & Valentines were just outclassed, plus I really don't have enough a/t guns for 2 coys at once. We also should have taken Limited Air - it might have forced the panzers to spread out a bit.

On the Camp Cromwell Blog site Nick bemoans the Allied luck with the dice - with 2 pdrs you need a bit & we got none.
But I think the real reason we lost was the Takeaway Supply Mission Dice. It came up Pasta Resistance Italian.
You can imagine the 1942 Australian infantry's reaction..."Bloody wog tucker! How are we supposed to fight on that?"
And the Indians..."Goodness gracious me! What's this - no curry? We didn't fight the Indian Mutiny to get this crap!"
The Germans of course were accustomed to their ally's tucker..."Better than the muck that gets thru the blockade from Germany."

Camp Cromwell, Thursday

Double Free for All (2x1500 pts a side)

Maruisz's Polish Armour + Jim's Fucilieri
Steve's White Russian armour + Mark II's Russian Inf

The ities dug in to defend the right of the Alllied position and provide fire support for the Polish attack on the left.
The Russians massed for a combined attack on their right with KVs & MGs defending the left.
The Honeys rolled over an infantry platoon and passed thru into the Russian rear. It was suicidal, but it gave the Shermans a chance to crush Steve's T34s while Mark's armour was busy with them.
The Shermans took out the a/tank guns then mixed it with the T34s with artillery support. The Itie 105s hit often but just could not throw firepower. The 25pdrs' firepower was never enough but they helped out with smoke. But the T34's refused to die, passing two platoon morale tests & when Mark's tanks joined in, the Poles just had too many enemies.
The Sturmovicks just kept on coming in 3's, but they only got one 90/53 in 3 attacks so weren't decisive.
It was the survival of Steve's T34's in the face of all the Poles could throw at them that hurt. In the end the Poles ran out of tanks & failed Coy Morale.

Mahrajah 2005

The year is flying by & we need to get on with the Maharajah & zero in on the critical matches.
While fighting all the rounds would be nice, the critical matches we must get done are:
Jim v. Leigh (set for next week)
Jim v. Barrie
Chris v. Peter
These 3 matches alone will certainly determine top Axis.
It is highly likely they will determine top Allied as well, but if not, they will determine which match(s) are needed to do so.

Next week

Sunday at Camp Cromwell: Afternoon battle - say 1.30?
Tuesday at Fort Floriet: Jim & Steve are going to be there.
Thursday at Camp Cromwell: Jim v. Leigh in Mahrajah + ?

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