Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Fort Floriet 18/10/05

Chris's Basement

We tried the Bulge scenario. Chris and Steve each with 1500 pts of Afrika Korps, vs Jim with 1500 pts of Indians and Nick with 1500 pts of ???

The bulge scenario is an easy concept -- two armour forces attacking, having to get through two lines of defences. Nick started off with a 1500 point british armour force. After the first turn we realised that:
  • the tanks could just move up, turning it into a 3000 point battle on one board, and
  • the rules required INFANTRY companies to defend.

We didnt have enough British infantry, so Nick quickly changed to American infantry, and chose one of his old army lists at random.

The Indians defend

I wont go into details, but I will say all agreed that this was a great scenario. Jim and Nick especially liked it, most probably because they won. Highlights include:
  • Two Stuart companies and a Valentine company surrounding and destroying a Panzer III company (pic Bulge ff) - then in turn being wiped out by Panzer IVs & IIs.
  • Jim revealing an anti-tank gun ambush (after holding it back for over half the game waiting for the perfect target) only to have US airpower arrive and kill his target before he could shoot.
  • Chris's lone Panzer II having gone through the Indian line wandering all over the table, surviving anti-tank fire, artillery, multiple shots by the bofors AA guns, and a tank destroyer ambush, before finally being killed by a GI assault.

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PanzerIII said...

the lone Panzer II was all that was left after the Panzer platoon killed an infantry platoon among other bits and pieces.