Friday, October 14, 2005

Camp Cromwell Bulletin 13/10/05

2x1500pts Free for All on a 8x6 table.

Allies v. allies too ! Steve J was the impartial German umpire.
Mariusz's Poles + Mark W's DOGs v. Steve P's Russian Guards + Jim's Russian Inf

The Russians deployed side by side, the Brits & Poles mixed a bit. The DOG Grants moved left to assist the Shermans v. Jim's T34s & SUs. The Polish 17pdrs went right to face the KVIs & their Honeys joined up with the Crusaders & Valentines to go Guard hunting.

Mark attacked Steve on the Brit's right. Jim attacked Mariusz on the Russian right. The pic is about turn 2, Poles right foreground.

The DOGs found it heavy going against an aggressive Russian defense. Their armour was gradually worn down by artillery fire & infantry counterattacks, but their Coy morale was preserved by the odd Fear Naught Rule.

On the other flank the armour pretty well mutally destroyed each other. The last bailed Sherman going down to an attack by the MG platoon. The Russian infantry bravely advanced through a hail of mortar & artillery fire, and with the MGs giving covering fire the second wave took the objective. The brave charge of the Polish artillery HQ on the surviving 3 Russian infantry teams holding the objective failed giving the Russians victory.

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