Saturday, October 08, 2005

Camp Cromwell 05/10/05

Fort Floriet

Jim's LRDG & Sahariana made the trip to Launceston & fought half a dozen of the Raid/Recon/Rescue missions with Nick & Chris. These all tend to be short games, a bit of fun, but dominated by the chance factor of when & where the Random Reserves arrive. Also the combination of maximum armament with minimum protection makes tactics very basic - get in the first shot. Probably good scenarios to use after a few beers.

Camp Cromwell

Two 1500 pt Companies a side in a Hold the Line on a 8x6 table.
(The MCG is back to one big table. Telstra Dome is still 2 small tables).

Jim's Bersaliglieri + Steve's Grenadiers (attacking)
Mark I's British Inf + Mark II's Death or Glory Boys (defending)

The Axis forces attacked on both flanks to draw the ambushes out then made a convergent attack on the centre objective and over-ran it. It was really game over on turn 4, but we kept on going for the fun of it. The mass of DOG armour looked scary when it showed up, but 2pdrs often bounce off even Itie armour & they were whitled away by a combination of Itie armour, German 88's & Grenadiers until they failed their Company Morale for a second & final game over.

The pic is in the Allied Turn 2. Axis on left side of table, Germans on Axis left, Ities on right.

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