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Area 52 02/10/05

6 players joined Area 52's first flames of war tournament. As it turned out, all of the players were from the camp cromwell crowd. But we did meet a guy in another group of FOW players. So maybe we can find some more blood. A quick summary of the games is below.

The Players

Nick -- US infantry -- 2 x inf, Stuarts, M10s, artillery, 57mm AT, recon, bazookas
Chris -- German infantry -- 2 x inf, Tiger, Elephant, captured KV1, air.
Jim -- Italian armoured -- Semoventes, M14/41s, Light Tanks, Lancias, Bersaglieri, AA
Steve -- German Infantry -- 2 x inf, 88s, art, inf guns, air.
Steve II -- Russian infantry -- 2 x inf, t-34s, AT
Mariusz -- Polish (British) armoured -- Shermans

A better writeup from Mark and the area 52 crowd exists here with pictures here

Round 1

Steve vs Nick -- Hold The Line.

Nick attacking. Steve had 88s in ambush. Nick attacked up one flank. The 88's revealed and massacred the Stuarts. Steve's air support came on and killed Nick's infantry. On turn 2 Steve's air support came on again, but it went to Nick, and the Steve lost his C in C. Nick killed one 88. Another 88 to go and Nick would win ... but he missed with 4 x M10s. Then Steve's reinforcements arrived and the game turned into a bloodly stalemate. In the end a draw (Steve would have won)

Chris vs Steve II -- Cauldron

Steve II had the perfect army to defeat Chris. It was even more perfect when his Sturmovik killed Chris's Tiger! But Steve got carried away and moved off the objective. Chris rushed in, and it was touch and go. In the end a draw.

Mariusz vs Jim -- Hold the Line

Mariusz's air attacked his own troops and killed his C in C. (What do you expect when you borrow your opponents planes). Jim killed all of Mariusz's weak troops and caused a company morale check - which he failed as he had no CinC. A win to Jim.

Round 2

Nick vs Jim -- Cauldron

Nick was defending. Jim's attack was masterfull, charging over a hill and into Nick's anti-tank guns, overrunning them for the loss of one tank. But then Nick's reinforcements arrived -- Stuarts and M10s. In short order Nick had killed two platoons of tanks, an AA platoon, and an infantry platoon for no loss. Time stopped play. A draw, but advantage to Nick.

Chris vs Mariusz-- Hold the Line
The shermans were no match for a Tiger and and Elephant. Chris's air took out the honeys. A win to Chris.

Steve vs Steve II -- Free for All
A win to Steve :)

Round 3

Nick vs Steve II -- Free for all

Nick had Steve in all sorts of trouble, with Steve's T-34s hiding from Nick's M10s, and one of Steves companies cut off from the rest of the army. But Nick couldn't complete the job in time. He tried a rushed assault, and lost -- a winning draw to Steve II.

Jim vs Chris -- Free for all

Jim couldnt do much about Chris's big cats. But Chris moved his tiger too far from an objective to avoid being shot by the Lancia 90mm guns, and that was the opening Jim needed. He rushed the objective and won.

Mariusz vs Steve -- Hold the Line
Steve won, even though he was attacking with infantry!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

Great day on Sunday. Good to meet Nick and yourself, must have another games soon.
Oh yeah, Nice picture of the Schturmovik killing the Tiger!
Steve P