Friday, October 21, 2005

Camp Cromwell Bulletin 20/10/05

Fort Floriet on Tuesday

Bulge Scenario in Tunisia:
Steve J's 1500 Motorised DAK + Chris's 1500 DAK Armour
Jim's 1500 Indians + Nick's 1500 US Inf

You'd think that 4 experienced wargamers could get a one page scenario right. But they didn't - probably too much attention to Harri's Curry (what else could we have for the Indian's debut?) After turn 1 we realised that the Allies had way too much armour for the scenario so we exchanged Nick's Coy for one with more infantry.

The Alies deployed with 1 Coy up front & 1 in the rear. The Axis deployed their Coys side by side, Chris with most of the armour on their left. Chris broke through the Indian right and then destroyed the Allied counterattack, but Steve had made no impression on his flank, the Yanks were well entrenched on the rear objectives and reduced to 1 platoon, Chris failed his Coy Morale test. Steve's Coy wasn't going to win on it's own so it was game over & a win to the Cowboys & Indians.

The Allies were grateful that the Axis attack wasn't as rapid or as well coordinated as it might have been. The scenario is a good one for 4 players, and we think pretty well balanced provided the defenders don't have too much mobility - you need to come prepared with the right army for your role. The scenario says 4000 pts a side, but 3000 pts a side seems enough for a Mid War version.

Camp Cromwell on Thursday

Bulge Scenario in Tunisia:
Mariusz's 1500 Polish Armour + Peter's 1500 US Armour
Steve J's 1500 Motorised DAK + Jim's 1500 Fucilieri

The Axis deployed with Ities on the left and DAK on the right. They had no armour but lots of A/T & Artillery.

The Allies put the Poles v. DAK & the US v. Ities. The Ities front line put up a good delaying fight against the US despite their 90/53 ambush for just 1 Sherman. The 75 artillery ambush made up for it a bit by taking out the rest of the platoon in a turn (with the help of the 105s).
Meanwhile Marusz made steady progress on the other flank shamlessly exploiting the Fear Nought Rule to keep going in face of heavy casualties.
In the end the surviving Polish Shermans took a rear objective after a fiece fight with Steve's Grenadiers to clinch victory for the Allies.

The pic Bulge CC is about turn 2. The Axis are digging in their second line in the foreground. The US are softening up the Itie line in the far corner. Maruisz is fiddling the artillery template over Steve's 88s.

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