Friday, October 14, 2005

Fort Floriet 11/10/05

Lobositz 1757 -- Nick's Austrians v. Jim's Prussians.

Nick deployed his whole army behind the river on his left. The scenario conditions should have mentioned that the Austrians had to protect their LOC behind Lobositz. If they had the Prussians could just march up the road and win given Nick's deployment. But it didn't, so the Prussians attacked the Austrians where they were.

The Austrian line formed a right angle behind the river. The Prussians launched a converging infantry attack on the angle after softening it up with their artillery and while most of their cavalry kept the Austrian left pinned in place. Once one of the Prussian attacks broke through the angle, the Austrian right disintegrated. The pic shows the Austrian line breaking.

We tried yet another scheme for using counters for orders instead of writing them. It seemed to work ok.

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