Sunday, August 13, 2006

Area 52 Competition Week 2: 13/08/06

Week 2 saw more furious action. This time we had 6 players, so 3 games per round.

Round 3 -- Hold the line

Nick vs Mark. US Armour vs Fallschamjagers. The US armour was dominating -- destroying all of the German's antitank equipment. Unfortunately, they ran out of time, and the Germans got a 6:1 win under defender rules!

Peter vs Steve II. US Infantry vs Russian Infantry. The Russians had to assault accross the river. They never made it -- a 6:1 to the US Infantry.

Chris vs Steve I. Afrika Corps march company vs German grenadiers. The Afrika Corps was having a bad day. But the grenadiers could not clinch victory before the end of the round. A 4:3 to the Afrika Korps!

Round 4 -- Roadblock.

Nick vs Steve II. Russian infantry with KV's vs US armour. The openning ambush killed ALL the Shermans. The US went on the offensive with their Stuarts and armoured infantry, mowing down hordes of Russians. But the KV's advanced relentlessly. When time was up the objective was still contested by the US scout platoon, so a 6:1 to the US. But in another turn it would have been a different story!!!

Peter vs Steve I. US infantry vs German grenadiers. Not much information, but a 6:1 to the US infantry.

Mark vs Chris. FJ's vs Afrika Korps. The ambush took out the Afrika Korps artillery. But two Stugs remained, and they held off the FJs while reinforcements rushed in.

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