Friday, August 25, 2006

Fort Floriet 22/08/06

Game 1: Steve Jendrich made the trip up from Hobart and used his Russians against Aggros grenadiers in a Free for All. A close game but Steves KVs won the day Aggro having nothing to stop them on his right flank. The German 88's were deployed to far to the left preventing them dominating the battlefield.4-3 win to Steves Russians.

Game 2. The final round 1 game for the Floreat Tourney.Encounter Starn 1600pts russians vs Doug 1500pts Frogs (USA impersonaters). A long slog the Russians lokked good early but melted away under a hail of Machine Guns. The Frogs lost 1 platoon before the Russians failed company morale. 5-2 win to the Frogs. The handicapping system seems to work at least in the encounter scenario where numbers cant used as easily early on.

Current Standings after Round 1. Chris 1 win 6pts. Aggro 1 win 6pts. Doug 1 win 5pts. Rodney 1 win 4pts. Matt 3ptsStarn 2pts. Corina 1pt. James Scott 1pt.

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