Sunday, August 13, 2006

Camp Cromwell 10/08/06

Thursday at Camp Cromwell: Roadblock Practice

1. Jim's Stelkovy ambushing Nick's US Armour
The Soviet anti-tank guns got 3 Shermans and bailed another in the ambush, but the gunners were in their turn gunned down by Homeys & MGs. The KVs then began a ponderous advance on an objective while the US set about mowing down Ivan infantry. The KVs took the objective, but losses of other platoons meant they were dependant on passing company tests to stay in business. The US Recon managed to contest the objective long enough for the Soviets to fail a morale test.

2. MarkW's Grenadiers ambushing SteveP's Strelkovy with Cossacks
Another tough fight. The Grenadiers eventually got to an objective. The Shermans attacked to take it back & were destroyed. This left the Germans on the objective, but they were below half strength and had to pass morale to win the battle. They failed the test & lost.

3. SteveJ's Grenadiers ambushing MarkO's US Armour
The Cossacks ran amok - overunning Pak 40s & two infantry platoons to win the battle single handed.

Verdict on Roadblock scenario. Pretty good. The "Attacker" won all 3, but 2 of them were very close - one decided by a single dice roll. So it seems balanced.

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