Monday, August 21, 2006

Fort Floriet 15/08/06

A big turn out htis week with 8 players.

Floreat Tourney First round Encounter Games played

Table 1. James Scott 1600pts USA Rifle Coy vs Aggro 1600pts Grenadiers. The Shermans got minced by the 88's and the Germans took the right hand objective for a 6:1 win to Aggro.

Table 2. Corinna 1600pts Grenadiers vs Chris 1500pts DAK. The Dak took out the enemy artillery and pushed for the right hand objective taking it, but were beaten back off by the Grenadier reserves. The DAK re took the objective to get a 6:1 win. The DAk had horrendous casualties which luckily were spread over 5 platoons.

Table 3. Matt 1600pt Finns vs. Rod 1600pts New Zealanders.A 6:1 win to the Sheep lovers the more experienced wargamer Rodney adapted quickly to the world war 2 game system.

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