Friday, August 04, 2006

Camp Cromwell 04/08/06

Tournament Practice Matches at Camp Cromwell 04/08/06:

Present: Jim, 2xSteves, Barrie, Peter & MarkO.

1. SteveP's Russian Armour attacking SteveJ's Grenadiers in a Hold The Line

The 88 ambush bailed up 5 T34 - which promptly unbailed & blew the 88s away.
The KVs moseyed onto the objective & the Germans couldn't stop them.

2. Jim's Grenadiers v. Barrie's US Armour in Encounter

The Germans protected their RHS objective with Pak40s & their LHS with HMGs & Grenadiers.
The US put Honeys on their LHS & Engineers on their RHS.
The Germans opened the batting by attacking on their left. The Engineers copped a pounding by HMGs before Barrie realised their ROF had gone up to 6. The Grenadiers followed up and destroyed the Engineers, Bulldozer & all. They broke through to take the objective from the Recon. On the other flank the threat to the US right had made Barrie move his Honeys to the right. The Panzers double moved behind a hilly wood to occupy the other objective.
The Honeys mowed down the grenadiers to retake their RHS objective. The Shermans had to move to cover the other one. This gave the Panzers first shot & an advantage they never gave up. The Shermans & MkIIIs & IVs traded blows. The Germans lost 2 tanks, but the Shermans were all killed or bailed & failed morale. This forced an army morale test which they failed.

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