Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Camp Cromwell 30/08/2006

Warhammer ECW

Jim was ripped off! We tried a free for all using Warhammer ECW. Unfortunately, I didnt print off the army lists I had chosen. Going from memory, I had most of the parliamentary army as 'raw' -- so they had to take morale tests when charged. But I had paid for them to be 'steady', so they should have been able to stand up to the royalists.

The results were inevitable -- Jim's pike and shot were charged, failed morale, ran away, and exposed the rest of the line to be rolled up. Prince Rupert and his cronies were reduced to a few gentlemen, but had ripped the heart out of the parliamentarians. The Parliamentarian cuirassiers ran away in their panic test, and Jim conceeded the game (as only Jim can).

The mistakes were legion:
- Incorrect morale for the parliamentarian infantry.
- Incorrect armour for the royalist cav -- they had light armour.
- Incorrect unit sizes for the parliamentarians -- they had too many cav.
- Incorrect unit sizes for the parliamentarian infantry -- they were based in a pike block that was 3x3. Unfortunately, the rules require 4 figs in a rank to get a rank bonus, so this was the worst formation they could be in -- no rank bonus and no frontage to fight on.

Still, good to experiment with different rules sets.

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