Sunday, June 07, 2009

At Barrie's: Firestorm battle 4, turn 4, 07/06/09

Germans in Molodechino attacking Volozhin

SteveJ's SS Panzer (ROH) v. Jim's Strelk - 1500 pts + FS in Encounter Mission.
The Germans had HQ in HTs, 3 Panzergrenadiers (2 in HTs), 4/155 art, 3 Panthers plus Firestorm 105's.
The Russians had HQ with Pioneers, 2 Strelk, GODs, 4/152 art, 4 Katys, 4 Zis2 plus Firestorm 3T34/85's.
At the start the Germans deployed 1 P/gren, heavy art & Panthers. The Russians deplyed 1 Strelk, GODs & heavy art. Boths sides dug in & engaged in an artillery duel while waiting for their reserves.
In the centre the Panthers & T34's spared around a wood. The T34s cut through it to get side shots, but one bogged & the others missed - which the Panthers did not. The Panthers went on to pick off the Katys
On the Russian left, Strelk & Zis2's took on Panzergrenadiers in armoured halftracks. Although the Strelk charged home & forced a retreat, the Zis's failed to do enough damage & the HT's mgs destroyed the Strelk. The HTs then retreated behind a village & hill leaving their artillery to finish off the Zis's.
Meanwhile the artillery duel went on without much effect. The GODs were decimated, but the 122's survived. The Russian heavy guns got enough hits on the Panthers, but never managed to get a kill. In the end the Russian defencive line was still intact, but they had lost 1 Strelk, Zis2's, T34's & Rockets - 4 platoons out of 7 & failed army morale.
The Germans take Volozhin (the Russians lost the T34 Firsetorm troop).

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