Thursday, June 11, 2009

Nick in Launceston 11/06/09

Played a 1500 pt game vs Starn -- Nick US vs Starn's Germans. 1/2 way through the first turn we realised Nick had a latewar army and Starn had a midwar army. After some quick points checking we gave Starn an extra tiger, a panzershreck, and upgraded all commands to panzerfausts.

The game was characterised by bad rolling on both sides. Starn made a cunning move with his tigers -- but failed his stromtrooper, even though he had 'for the fatherland' (stormtrooper on 2+). Nick rushed in with his sherman 76's for flank shots -- and missed. Starn retaliated -- and missed. Nick, with glee, returned shots -- and missed. Starn finally managed to destroy the 76's. But the battle was decided on the other flank where artillery killed the 88's, shermans came out of hiding and killed nebelwerfers and then a MG platoon. Finally, the shermans charged into the German infantry on the objective, knowing that they only had to kill one more platoon to cause the Germans to take army morale. The German infantry succeeded in destroying the shermans, but failed morale themselves, taking the whole German side with them. A good close game.

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