Friday, June 05, 2009

Launceston Wargame Club 04/06/09

I took advantage of a work trip to crash at Nick's & check out the Launceston wargames club's weekly meeting. They meet in a church hall in Punchbowl - an excellent venue with lots of space & well supplied with fold up tables with 6x4 sheets to put on top. I was told it was a quiet night (raining) but there was still about 40 people there and at least a dozen games. Mostly they were playing fantasy & sci fi, but there were some FOW games & talk of Ancients. There was good feel about the club - a good mix of people playing - kids, a couple of females, young & old guys. Pity we don't have something like it down here.

Nick did have a DBM Ancient planned, but something came up with his enemy. However, I happened to have a Grenadier Coy in the car so we did a FOW instead.

Jim's Grenadiers v. Nick's US Armour in 1500 pt Encounter Mission on 6x4 table.
Nick attacked with his Super Shermans and destroyed most of the Grenadiers on one objective, but he chickened out of actually taking the objective, intimidated by a row of Paks & the possibility of 5 Stugs coming from reserve in his rear. As it happened, the Germans got no reserves next turn so he would have got away with it. Instead, the when the Stugs did come on they took on the Shermans & popped them before the other Sherman platoon could come up, then popped that one too leaving an objective open for the taking & Nick conceded.

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