Friday, June 05, 2009

Nick's 05/06/09: Firestorm Battle 3 Turn 4

Jim's Spevverband defended Stolpce against Bowlerski's Motostrelk + SU76s from Pripyat in a 1500 pt Encounter Mission.
Spevverband: HQ+2P/S, Sperr Pioneer, 2xSperr, 2 Mortars, 4 Pak 40, 2 155 Inf Guns, 3 Stugs, 4 Hetzers.
Motostrelk: HQ + 10T34(half 85s) + 3ISU122 + Ravedki + 2xStrelk + 5SU76
The Soviets tried to strike immediately before reo could arrive & used the hilly terrain to cover their rush forward with T34's & ISU122's towards the right of the German line, while holding their SU76s back in a safe place covering the objectives. The 2IC's Panzershreks died on the end of the line, but they bought enough time for retribution to be prepared. The T34's evaporated under the fire of 2 155 Inf Guns, 4 Marders & some Paks. But the KV85's remained a formidable threat. The Stugs came on & the Stugs & Hetzers hung onto both flanks of the ISU122's taking side shots while the 155's joined in (ineffectively) & the first Sperr from reserve was brought up. The Stugs were lucky to lose just 1 while escaping with a couple of bails. Then Hetzers popped the command tank & the infantry swarmed the other two, the Panzerfaust getting both of them. The Russians had a small success when their Ravedki came on in half tracks on their right and caught the Germans mortars moving up, but the battle was won by then, the Germans just had some mopping up to do to complete the victory with the loss of 1 small mortar platoon, the 2IC platoon, 1 Stug & 1 Inf Gun. There were no Firestorm losses & the Russians retreated to Kalinkovichi, abandoning Pripyat. The Baranovichi rail line remains in operation.
Also present were Rich, Thomas, Marcus & Cameron.
Marcus's US Armour defeated Thomas"s Panzers in a 1250 pt Midwar FFA (Rich umpiring).

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