Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Firestorm Battle 2, Turn 4...02/06/09

Firestorm battle at Camp Cromwell
Barrie's Vunderwatzits v. Jim & Richard's Strelk - Germans attacking Lepel from Borizov - Breakthough Mission, Russians defending.
The Russians had HQ, GODs, Heavy Artillery, Katys, Zis2's, Sturmovic (F/S), T34/85 (FS) and 2 Strelk to stagger onto the objective & bayonet the wounded. They deployed the GODs as a screen on their left with Rockets behind. The 2 Strelk on the start lines ready to rush the objectives - one each. The Zis2's were between the Strelk, heavy battery in the back corner & T34/85s in forced reserve.
The Germans had 2 infantry up front supported by MkIVs on their right & a KT, 3 SPAA & Heavy Artillery behind. A large Panzer Pioneer unit was on flank march.
The GODs battery was doomed but it fought bravely & took out the SPAA & a MkIV as well as decimating and throwing back an infantry assault. Richard, serving on the other side for once perhaps showed where his loyalty really lay by failing to hit anything with the heavy artillery in the entire battle. But he did dutifully advance the Strelk & Zis2's & dig them in on the objectives.
The Sturmovics should have run riot with the AA knocked out on turn 1, but alas when they did bother to show up they either missed or the rockets bounced off the KT's armour. The Katys had to make a precipitous withdrwal when German infantry & MkIVs aproached, but the flank was secured when the T34/85s turned up at the right time. They popped a MkIV & the last one dived into the village for cover.
But all this action on the Russian left was really a sideshow - the German plan was to hold the Russian attention there & strike hard with their flanking force - a powerfull beast with lots of half tracks loaded with rockets & mgs. If it had come on early before Richard's Strelk & Zis2's had got into position & dug in, they may have been unstoppable. If they had come on late it would have been a tough fight. But they didn't show up at all & the Russians won by the "no enemy within 40cm of an objective on or after turn 6" rule. A pretty unjust result really, but then the Ivans could feel that Hewy owed them a bit of luck after Sunday.
The Russians lost 1 platoon (the GODs), the Germans 1 (SPAA) though one infantry & the MkIVs were below half but passed morale.
No Firestorm Troop losses. The Germans FS troops retreated Art to Molodechno & MkIVs to Dzina. The Russians advanced Sturmos & T34/85s into Borizov.
We threw for Initiative for the next battle - the Russians won.

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