Sunday, June 14, 2009

Camp Cromwell 13/06/09

FOW Battle:

Jim's Spevverband (+2 Panthers) v, Rich's Strelk: 2,000 pts FFA on 8x6.

Rich attacked with infantry on both flanks, tanks right of centre & Zis3 & Zis2 left of centre. After a few turns Rich had lost his IS122s (to Panthers, Paks & hvy art), 2T34s (to Paks & Stugs), Zis2's (to artillery, HMGs & Hetzers), small strelk (took a Sperpioneer with it in MAD), Gods (to Stugs, Hetzers, artillery & HMGs). They had lost more than half & faced a 50/50 morale test every turn. The Germans had lost just Sperrpioneers, Paks plus 1 Stug. The German objectives were undefended, the Hetzers, Panthers & Stugs on the loose. The T34s moved to cover one objective, but the other was wide open for the Hetzers. The big strelk & pioneers had advanced safely thru a wood & had only just reached the wire, then had to cross a minefield to get at the intact Sperrband dug in on the objective with two batteries able to support. Rich pkept passing army morale tests each turn while the pioneers died clearing the wire & the minefields. Then the Strelk charged. The smgs pinned the Spevvers then the Strelk drove them back with more than 1/2 casualties & they failed morale. The Hetzers had just reached the far objective, but the Russian passed morale yet again & held theirs first - so it was a Russian victory !

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