Sunday, May 31, 2009

Firestorm Campaign Turn 4 Battle 1

At Barrie's on Sunday
Jim's Motostrelk v. SteveJ's Panzers - Germans attacking Bobruisk from Berezina.
1500 points plus Firestorm troops - Russian artillery & T34/85, Germans 2xTigers - Cauldron Mission, Russians defending.
The table did not favour the Russians, there being a stream running across the table between the cauldron & their reserves, & much better cover on the German side of the table. The Germans also did well on random deployment - none being left exposed ont eh wrong side.
The Germans took a cautious aproach, standing back & blasting away while waiting for their reserves - not a bad option when you have 4 Tigers & a heavy battery. The Russians brought on their heavy battery, but it only fired once before it was pinned by counterbattery fire & never unpinned to fire again. They brought on their rockets & they were pinned by artillary & didn't unpin until the battle was lost. They brought on their armour and rushed it forward, but the steam disrupted their advance while providing no cover. The Tigers killed some on the bridge and destoyed the rest of the platoon as they struggled over the river. The Firestorm troop of T34/85s got 2 over the stream while the Tigers were busy destroying their mates. One bogged at the ford & didn't unbog. The 2 used a village as cover to advance & enagage 2 Tigers, but failed to hit anything before they were destroyed by the Tigers & artillery. With no armour left & their artillery reluctant to fire the Russians were doomed. They did kill off an infantry platoon with infantry fire, but half tracks & Tigers were steadily chewing their way towards the objectives. The Russans tried a last charge to try & knock off another infantry unit so they could have a chance at a firestorm kill dice. The Germans had 11 dice at 3+ to get 10 kills, which they got & the Russians conceded a 5:2 loss.
The Germans retake Bobruisk & capture the Firestorm troops.

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burning t34s ,as it should be