Thursday, May 14, 2009

14/05/09: Camp Cromwell Firestorm Battle 1 Turn 3

Firestorm Battle 1 Turn 3

Jim's Tankovy attacking from Rudina v. Richard's Spevverband in Vitebsk.
Encounter Mission, 1500 points on 6x4 table.

Soviet Firestorm Troops: Heavy Battery + SMG + A/cars + Off table Art.
German Firestorm Troops: Pioneers.
Germans were out of supply & dropped to 1200 pts + F/S but had Festerplatz defences.
The minefields & wire caused the Russians to take it slowly, deploying Sappers, SMG, Heavy Art & Rockets with the armour in reserve.
The Germans deployed Paks, 88s & 2 infantry, with 105s, Hetzers & 2 more infantry in reserve.
The terrain was pretty close with hills, woods & villages restricting lines of sight.
With disadvantages of numbers it was a difficult task for Richard. The Soviet command took no chances and systematically used their numbers to grind the Germans down, winning by Army Morale Test.

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