Saturday, May 02, 2009

Firestorm Campaign Turn 2 Battle 3

Russians attacking Orsha from Gorki

James' Sperrverband v. Rich's Tankovy in No Retreat Mission - Germans defending with Festerplatz (Jim umpiring).

Two Sperr Platoons in the front line with just 105s in support looked a bit lonely when the swarm of T34s, Shermans, Strelk, Straff & Pioneers started forward with rockets flying overhead. But they did throw a 5 for out of supply so it had no effect), were entrenched with a good line of wire & minefields & a Pak ambush to help. The Sappers got pinned by artillery & didn't unpin for 3 turns The tanks tried to cross the minefields, lost some, but got enough across to assault on both flanks. On the left the Shermans drove the infantry back, but their commander got left on the minefield & they became pillboxes. On the right the T34's also drove the infantry back, but then Stugs & Hetzers from reserve plus the Paks destroyed them.

The Straff reached the minefields and were steadily slaughtered as they failed to lift it. This distracted the Germans long enough for the Sappers & Strelk to come up. The Strelk made a gap in the minefield & charged. They drove a Stug off the objective but were repelled by the infantry counterattack - though the German infantry then failed morale. But the Russian attack had run out of steam, their last 3 Sappers, 1 Sherman, commander & the rocket battery (less 1 truck) got away. The battle was a 5:2 victory for the Germans, but they threw 1's for Firestorm casulaties and none were lost by either side.

Pic taken from behind Germans. The Shermans are on the right. On the left the T34s have been destroyed, the Straff are hung up on the minefield, the Sappers pinned down left rear & the Strelk waiting their turn centre rear.

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