Saturday, May 09, 2009

Camp Cromwell 08/05/09

Jim's Bersalglieri v. Rich's Indians.

2000 points Cauldron on 8x6 desert table, Ities defending.
Rich was content to sit tight while gathering his forces before attacking. 3 Infantry & an HMG deployed around the Cauldron waiting for 8x25pdrs, Valentines, Matildas, 2x4 2pdrs & the RAF.
The Ities in the Cauldron (2 inf, HMG & 4x75's kept their heads down waiting for the cavalry to arrive 2x5M14, 6L6, 4 Semo47's & 4 Semo76's.
The cavalry came on in a rush. The L6s doubled towards the 25pdrs on their left, the M14's charged the infnatry near their edge of the table & the Semos headed around the right to support the Cauldron. The L6's drew the 2pdrs to the flank away from the action. The M14's & the infantry mutally destructed. The Valentines attacked the line, made a hole & were then blown away by the 75's. The Matildas were then destroyed by the Semos & 75's. The Indians had to throw HMGs then 2pdrs forward to get within 40cm of the objective - only to see them mown down & the battle lost anyway.
A very enjoyable battle though, with lots of silly hats and choice of silly accents. I do love the desert & it's the best place for the Cauldron Mission.

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