Thursday, May 14, 2009

15/05/09 at Barrie's: Firestorm Battle Turn 3 Battle 2

Firestorm battle: Russians attacking Zhlobin from Bykhov.

Barrie: Spevverband 2,000 pts + FS Tigers & Panzergrenadiers. Rolled 5 for Out Of Supply so no penalty.
Leigh: Motostrelkovy 2,000 pts + FS Sturmos & Heavy Artillery.
6x6 table Free For All Mission.
The Germans had 2 Tigers as well as the 2 FS Tigers, otherwise, the usual stuff.
The Russians had a normal battery + a heavy battery, 2 Strelk & 10 T34s as well as FS Heay Batt & Sturms.

Both sides adopted a cautious approach, digging in at the start. The ony advance was on the Russian left where both sides sent infnatry forward into a large village. There was a bit of sniping of T34s by the Tigers who popped some before they the rest hid behind the village. Meanwhile the Russians artillery & air tried to soften up the Germans - causing intermittant, but ultimately significant losses. The Russians attacked in the village. They pinned the German infnatry with SMG & flamethrowers reducing the Germans to 11 dice. But the Germans managed 10 hits at 3+ to stop them. The Ivans unpinned & tried again - another 10 hits from 11 dice stopped them again. The Ivans unpinned again & charged a third time. This time they killed a couple with prep fire & with 9 dice the Germans couldn't stop them charging home. The Germans were overwhealmed & the Russians took the village.
The German objective was now only 30cm away from the Strelk but it was after 11 oclock - the agree finishing time so the battle was a timed out draw.
The Germans had lost 2 platoons, infantry in the village & 2 Tigers to air & art, the Russians had lost no platoons so VPs were 3:1.
The Firestorm dice were low so no Firestorm casuaties & with a draw both side retain their own starting areas.

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