Saturday, May 02, 2009

Firestorm Campaign Turn 2 Battle 2

Russians attacking Vitebsk from Rudina (at Barrie's)

Barrie's Speverband v. Jim's Strelkovy (Steve providing unbiased umpiring).

The Germans had the usual small army of desperadoes armed to the teeth with HMGs, Pak 40s & Panzerthingies, plus Heavy Artillery over the Volga. Then they threw a 6 for the out of supply dice & became fearless. It was agreed that the Mission would be a Not One Step Back city fight (for a change). The city fight table is only 4'x3' so 32 pts of fortifications went a long way.

The Russians were fortunate to get the first turn and the sappers were up to the minefields at the start and made some gaps. The KVs & Straff headed for the RH objective & the big Strelk + SUs headed for the LH objective. The rest of the army couldn't fit in the front line. The T34/85s were deployed hull down on a hill on the right with a good field of fire to take on the Paks. The KVs were beaten off by the Pioneers with 1 killed by Paks, 1 bogged & 1 killed by the Pionners failed morale & disappeared. The Straff took over the attack & died to the last man but just couldn't get there.

On the other flank the Paks knocked off the SUs before the T34's got them all, but the big Strelk worked its way forward & actually got to the objective, but the Germans had an occupied trench line behind occupied to dispute it. The T34/85s had finished their work on the Paks, but were too far back to help much & the Strelk were blown off the objective by HMGs & heavy artillery.

But the fascists were incapable of attacking the Russian objectives so the battle was a draw. The Russians lost 3 platoons to the German's 1, so VPs were 2:0 (Desperate Battle rule). No Firestorm Troop casualty dice was required. But the Fascists still hold Vitebsk.

Pic from behind Russian line at the start.

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