Friday, May 22, 2009

Desert Battles at Camp Cromwell 15-16/05/09

Jim's Bersaliglieri v. Rich & Thomas' British Motorised

2000 pts Breakthrough, Brits defending.
The Brits had to leave a lot in reserve due to only being allowed to have 1 wheeled platoon on table. They deployed Artillery, 2pdrs, HMGs & 2 Infantry, with 1 trucked infantry, 3x3 Crusaders & bugs in reserve.
The Ities put both Bersaliglieri on flank attack with 2x5M14, Semos, L6s, a/tank, mortars, art & HMG on the table.
The Brit left was held with dug in 4x2pdrs, their rigth with 8x25pdrs & HMGs. Infantry moved off towards the 2 objectives.
The Ities engaged the HMGs & 25pdrs with 47mm, HMG & Semos while 2xM14's & L6's charged the kept the 2pdrs supported by artillery & mortar fire. The 2pdrs were over-run & the swarm broke through. The Brit infantry heading for teh centre objective were cuaght in the open by the Carri & mown down by mg fire. The 1st Bersaliglieri reserve turned up before the motorised infantry could deploy on the rear objective. They shot up the trucks & destroyed the platoon. This caused army morale failure as the Brits reserves were tardy & they had lost over half their platoons on the table.

Jim's Bersaliglieri v. Rich's British Motorised

2000 pts Cauldron, Brits defending.
The Brits had 2x25pdrs, 2 inf & 6pdrs in the cauldron with 2xGrants, 2pdrs & Inf to come.
The Ities put 75mm, 100mm, 47mm guns & HMG on the table, with 2xCarri, Semos, Bersaglieri & Guastatori to come on.
The battle started with an artillery duel as the Ities tried to soften up the Brits. The first Itie reserves, Bersaligleri, had a nice depression available that covered their advance to within strking distance of the 6 pdrs. When the Semos came on to support them the Bersaliglieri charged the 6 pdrs. The supporting Brit Inf was pinned by artillery & the 75's laid a smoke screen to cut off fire support from the 25pdrs. The 6pdrs were over-run & the supporting infantry mauled in a follow up assault. The Bersaliglieri then failed morale. The surviving Brit infantry had been driven out of their foxholes & destroyed by the 75's leaving an objective undefended.
The Brit's reserves were slow to arrive - just 1 Grant platoon had arrived and was destroying the 47mm, but they had to move the 2nd infantry over to cover the objective threated by the Semos. The Semos moved up to take the objective, HMGs & 100's pinned the Brit inf & 25pdrs, 75's smoke screened off most of the 25pdrs. 3 Itie platoons still hadn't arrived. Finally all the Brit reserves arrived, but it was too late, they couldn't get close enough to fire on the Semos, the few 25pdrs able to fire only managed 1 kill & 1 bail so the Semos held the objective.

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