Friday, May 08, 2009

Tuesday 05/05/09 at Camp Cromwell

Firestorm Battle: Turn 2 Battle 5 - Russians attacking Vitebsk.

Mark's Tankovy v. Steve's Sturm troop in No Retreat with Festerplatz. Supply dice 1 = down 1 morale step.

Mark put in a pretty good attack. The line of minefields & wire was a real problem - especially when the sappers got pinned down by mortars & stayed that way. But he cleared most of the defence with tank fire & pressed on ove rthe wire. Enough tanks got through to take the objective, but the Germans blew them back off it, mostly with their artillery which had deployed out of reserve. The Soviets took it again, but again got blown away & this time failed army morale. A 5:2 victory for Germany & the heroic Vitebsk garrison held off the third attack on them.
The first pic shows the wall of Ivans line dup for the attack, the second shows the burning wrecks around the objective.

This was the last battle for the turn - we now go to the strategic phase between turns 2 & 3.

Practice Battle:
Byron's 7th Arnour v. Richard's Spevverband in 1500 pts Breakthrough.
The battlefield was pretty open giving the German 888's & Hetzers great lines of fire. Byron couldn't find a way around that & it was a comfortable German victory.

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