Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Camp Cromwell 26/05/09

Practice FOW battle:

Jim's Motostrelk 2000 pts defending a Trenchfight v. Richard's Panzers & Steve's Sturm, both 1000 pts - on 8x6 table.
The Russians put 1 Strelk on the table dug in in between a cluster of swamps on the forward objective with minefields & wire in front. They had a 2nd Strelk in ambush & 4 IS2s, 10 T34s & Katies in reserve.
Richard's Panzers advanced on the objective on the the German left, stopping short of the wire & blasting away. Steve's infantry advanced on the right while his heavy artillery sat back and blasted away.
The Russian ambush was dropped behind ridge, rushed out & destroyed a German infantry unit. But a storm of MG & artillery fire persuaded then to retire back over the ridge. The IS2's & T34s came on and advanced to meet the 7 Stugs & 2 Tigers. They might have had a chance if it was just the panzers against them but Steve's heavy artillery was deadly. The T34s went quickly. 5 Stugs died, but the Tigers were hard to hit & with Steve's heavy guns helping out the IS2s gradually got picked off. With them gone it was game over. It was an enjoyable battle with everyone being a bit braver than usual with no Firestorm pressure, but getting value out of IS2's is an art the Russians here haven't mastered yet.

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