Tuesday, September 15, 2009

7 Years War at Camp Cromwell

Jim's Prussians v. Mark's French on 8x6 table with map deployment - Camp Cromwell Rules.

The French deployed with a massed battery in their centre, infantry behind & on each side, cuirassiers on the left and dragoons on their right. The Prussians put all their heavy cavalry on their right, hussars on the left & infantry in the centre. Their artillery was in 2 batteries, 1 in the centre one on the right of the infantry line.
The Prussians advanced on their right with cavalry, artillery and infantry echeloned. They also turned their hussars around and moved them right across their rear. The French advanced their cuirassiers to the edge of a ridge to gain an uphill advantage then halted. They also redeployed some infantry to their left and began moving the dragoons towards the centre. The Prussians paused their advance to open a bombardment on the cuirassiers. After a lucky volley got 2 hits the Prussian cuirassiers charged uphill to be met with a French countercharge. The French had 3 brigades to 2 plus uphill advantage, but the Prussians hoped the artillery casualties would redress the balance. But it was not to be & the French slowly got on top. However the Prussian cuirasiers bought enough time before they broke for the hussars to slip past the French flank while their infantry resumed their advance on the French left centre. When the Prussian cuirassiers finally broke, the Prussians had their second line of dragoons waiting with artillery support to meet the victoriou French cavalry & hussars in their rear. The victorious cuirassiers were destroyed by counterattacks from 3 sides.
The French tried to counterattack in the centre with their dragoons, but they had to expose their flank to do so & suffered badly from artillery & musket fire as the Prussian left advanced on them. One hussar brigade charged the left rear of the French infantry. The brigade at the end failed to form square & was hit in flank. Some of the pursuing hussars then hit the rear of the enagaged line & the French left disintegrated.
With their left in tatters & their dragoons being shot down in the centre, the French called sauve qui peut.
I spent much of my spare time in France reviewing the Camp Cromwell Rules. This was my first battle with them since - it showed up a couple of minor issues, but in the main the revised systems worked a treat. I was very pleased with the way it went (not just the win). It really was a fun battle to fight & so easy to do compared to the other rules I have used recently. The basic systems all work well & after a little more play testing to fine tune a few things I will make a pdf to distribute to those interested.

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