Thursday, September 03, 2009

Nick in Launceston

It was a thundery evening, with power out in some parts of Launceston. And the club was packed -- all tables were in use!

There were three Flames of War games -- Nick (US) vs Les (SS), Nick R (US Paratroops)vs Starn (German), and Keenan (German Sperrverband) vs a friend of his (Russian Tankovy).

The plan was that Nick was to play Liam, who wanted to use a king tiger force. But Liam found 40K more interesting, so Nick played Les as a pick up game. Nick also supplied troops for two of the younger players -- Keenan and friend.

Both Nicks were winners, as was Keenan. The younger kids seemed to really enjoy FOW -- Keenan was playing for the third time and knew the rules well enough to teach his friend. There was a swinging game, with lots of spectators and laughter from the other 40K players. Even some parents watched!

Elsewhere there was a massive fantasy battle for 40K type monsters that seemed to attract a large audience.

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