Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nick at Chris's

Nick and Chris in a trial for the upcoming FOW tournament. Nick (US Infantry) vs Chris (German recon).

This was one of those games that swung wildly. First hit was to Chris when his planes damaged Nick's M10s and his recon raced for an undefended objective. Nick hit back with his Stuarts eliminating the recon that were pushed foward (though this was several turns of swirling action). Nick then assaulted the other objective with his infantry, destroying the German artillery, only to have a German counterattack destroy the US attack.

Both sides calmed down and waited for reinforcements. The US forces got theirs first and started another attack, only to have the German reinforcements arrive and destroy the attack. Then more US troops arrive to destroy the German counterattack.

At this point the US had only lost one platoon (though most others were badly damaged), but the Germans were down to 3 platoons of their original 8 (surviving because two platoons had marched off as 'sole survivor'). Then in one turn the game changed when the Germans destroyed the US stuarts and AT guns in one turn, and the game swung in the German favor. Finally the Germans got to the US objective and the US didnt have enough troops within range to contest. An amazing game!

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