Friday, September 18, 2009

At Barrie's on Thursday 17/09/09

Jim & Barrie’s US Mech v. Joe & Adam’s Falshirmjager

1730 pts HTL on 6x4, Germans defending.

The line of half tracks & Shermans backed up with half dozen Priests looked very intimidating compared with a lone Falshirmjager platoon on the objective & neblewerfers in rear. But that changed quickly on the German’s 1st turn when 4 Pak 40’s in ambush evaporated the Shermans & half the centre Mech Coy was blown away by Neblewerfers. The Yanks pressed on with the plan sending the other Mech Coy down the right flank towards the rear objective. The lead half track did take it, but the platoon did not survive the Marder ambush supported by Neblewerfers & recoiless artillery. It was Kasserine Pass all over again.

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