Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nick vs Chris

Given thr tournament is coming up, Nick and Chris had a practice Flames of War game. However, given we only had late war troops available, we went for a late war game.

The terrain was a typical normandy countryside setting rolled up beforehand. Given the terrain we decided one force would be Americans, and rolled dice to pick the opposition. The dice chose SS Panthers for the opposition -- 7 x elite Panther tanks vs a motley force of Shermans. The scenario rolled up was a breakthrough -- hard on the Panthers as they were defending and had to start with only one armoured platoon on the table!

The Shermans had a trick up their sleeve -- being from 2nd Armoured one unit gets a 'recon move'. The Shermans charged at the Panthers. For the normal moves the Shermans kept going, and got into the Panther's flank /rear. Meanwhile the Sherman 76s moved up to engage the Panthers from the front. The Americans were lucky, popping one Panther from the front, but unlucky to miss all of the shots at the rear armour. However, by turn two there were two burning Panthers and only two burning Shermans -- the battle looked well in hand for the Yanks. Unfortunately, then the remaining Panthers arrived. Within a turn the Shermans were smoking hulks or fled.

However, while all this was going on the US infantry had marched up and taken one of the objectives. The Panthers could not get there in time, and their only hope was to cause the Yanks to fail an army morale check. They charged at the US artillery and Sherman 76's, killing two of the Priests and a Sherman 76, but not enough to cause a morale failure.

A good quick game. Chris was rusty with the rules, but they came back quickly.

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