Monday, August 31, 2009

FOW Tournament

Flames of War Tournament
Tournaments are a great way for gamers to get together and share their hobby. Not only do gamers get to try their generalship against a wide range of other gamers, they also get to admire well-presented armies, swap ideas, and generally have fun.
The Launceston Gaming Club is pleased to announce that they will be conducting a Battlefront sanctioned Flames of War tournament. Local stockist Tiger Models will be providing a prize pool in conjunction with Battlefront, New Zealand.

- Saturday the 31st of October and Sunday the 1st of November, 2009.
- Starting 9am both days. Detailed timings will be forwarded to competitors.

- RAOBC Lodge, Birch St. Newstead, Launceston.
- Drinks and light snacks may be purchased.
- There is a great shopping centre very close for lunches etc.

Player Registration
- Players must have completed the registration process to be eligible to compete in this tournament.
- Registration closes at midnight, Thursday the 29th of October 2009.
- No registration, no entry, no exceptions!
- Registration fee. Player registration is $15.00 for the main tournament. And $5.00 for the Young-bloods tournament!
- Payable to the club treasurer before the tournament, or on the Saturday morning for travelling competitors!

Contact Details
- Questions, or submitting army lists and/or registrations to
- Forms available during club nights or by return email

Tournament Details

Main Tournament

Tournament type
- The tournament will be a round robin Swiss Chess draw consisting of five match-ups
- Three games on the Saturday
- 2 games and trophy presentation on the Sunday
- Tournament software as supplied by battlefront will be used to calculate opponents based on their success/failure. This will ensure even match-ups and hopefully no one-sided affairs – resulting in a great challenge for all competitors.

- Army lists will be limited to1500 points (1501+ points will be considered illegal).
- Army lists are to be constructed from the current Afrika and Ostfront books ONLY!
- Not the new North Africa book or any of the current supplementary books

- Each game will have an allowed time limit of two and a half hours, with a adequate time between each match-up for the players to rest and refresh themselves.

- Tables will be preset with terrain and mission scenarios
- These will be randomly allocated to players at the drawing of each round
- The only missions used within this tournament are Encounter, Hold the Line, & Breakthrough

- If the tournament has an odd number of players, the tournament software program will give one player a bye each round.
- A player will only get one bye in a tournament.
- Generally the bye will be given to a low-ranking player rather than one who is doing well in the tournament.
- As the player taking the bye misses out on a game, they get the maximum of six Victory Points for the game. This ensures that they are not penalised in the overall rankings and rewards their generosity in stepping down for a round.

- Doug Colbeck has been appointed organiser and umpire this event

Young-Bloods Tournament

Tournament type
- The tournament will be a round robin Swiss style draw consisting of two match-ups
- The two games will be played on the Sunday, followed by trophy presentations
- The tournament will follow the main tournament guidelines – but the army lists will be limited to 600 points – not 1500 points

Tournament Scoring
A well-balanced tournament scoring system encourages gamers to have fun and explore all aspects of the hobby, from gaming and painting to a little historical research. A competitor’s score will be based on three factors:
1. Historical Army 25 percent
2. Generalship 50 percent
3. Sporting Play 25 percent

Historical Army (25 percent)
A competitor’s will be scored by the umpire out of fifteen points for the historical quality of their force.

Written Background (5 points).
The background doesn’t need to be long, technical or academic. A maximum of a one-page story telling how the force came to be the way it is with a photograph is all that is required.
1 - Little or no background provided.
2 - At least one paragraph giving some background.
3 - Good background information and photographs.
4 - Interesting background that brings the force to life.
5 - Outstanding background that fits the force perfectly.

Painting Quality (5 points)
A well-painted army is much more enjoyable to field and to face than undercoated or unpainted figures. This item scores the general standard of painting of the individual teams making up the force.
1 - Unpainted army.
2 - Poorly painted or just undercoated.
3 - Good basic painting, faces, hands, boots and guns!
4 - Well-painted force with added details, accurate colours and scenic basing!
5 - Every model is a masterpiece.

Uniform Appearance (5 points)
Even if the paint job is only average, an army always looks better if all of the troops look like they belong together. This item rewards players for completing their force first before tackling more ambitious painting styles.
1 - Hotchpotch of different styles or unpainted.
2 - Several different styles in the army.
3 - Most of the models are similar in the style of their painting and basing.
4 - Similar style across the whole army.
5 - Whole army fits well together and looks like a single fighting force.

Generalship (50 percent)
- The biggest single block of points is allocated for the player’s generalship, their performance as a table-top general.
- Each game has seven points allocated between the players, with the winner scoring a maximum of six points.
- These results are recorded and added to the database software at the end of each round

Sporting Play (25 percent)
Perhaps the most important part of the scoring is the sporting play section. Giving points for good behaviour discourages the win at all costs approach and helps make sure that everyone has a pleasant time. There’s no point in winning on the battlefield if you lose the tournament by being unpleasant to your opponents. At the end of the tournament, every player votes for the two opponents they played against that were the most sporting and most enjoyable to play with.

Note: players can only vote for someone that they actually played against!

Electronic versions of this form are available on request to

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Timmer said...

On the Social side - there will also be space made available for buy and sell items - so clean out your cupboards and bring along all that spare metal that we all know you have, and see if you can find a new home for it over the weekend!

Doug Colbeck