Thursday, August 27, 2009

Maharajah Trophy 2009

The Maharajah Trophy has been fought for as the Camp Cromwell club championship for the last 13 years.

The past winners have been:

1995 Mark Oakford

1996 Mark Oakford

1997 Peter Moy

1998 Barrie Macdonald

1999 Peter Moy

2000 Leigh Watson

2001 Peter Moy

2002 Jim Gandy

2003 Steve Jendrich

2004 Steve Jendrich

2005 Jim Gandy

2006 Chris Raine

2007 Steve Jendrich

2008 James Oakes

We will be starting the Maharajah 2009 competition soon after I get back on 2nd September.

I need to know the number of entrants so I can draw up the roster.


FOW - Mid War using the New Africa book.


2,000 points on 8x6.

Battles to be fought on normal wargames nights/days at Camp Cromwell, Barrie’s or Nick’s.

Mission will be diced for using Camp Cromwell house rule (which allows you limited vetoes).
Terrain will be diced up to FOW recipe appropriate to army match-up.

By starting the comp in September we hope to have enough of flexibilty for timing matches so every one can be fought at a time convenient to both players.


Players are to nominate their favourite nationality (German, Itie, British, a Brit Empire county or US), and army type (Inf, Mech or Armour).

Where possible the draw will match Axis v. Allies (both in the same theartre of war) using 1st preferences.

When this isn’t possible, the players concerned will either agree to, or toss for one changing their army.

Army lists can be redrawn for each battle (knowing your opponent, but not mission or terrain).


I expect there will be between 8 & 16 entrants, so there will be some qualifying matches leading to a final 8 for an elimination series of 4 Quarter Finals, 2 Semi Finals & a Grand Final.

  • Some top seeds (from last years results) will automatically qualify for the 8.
    (How many depends on number of entrants - chosen to make the qualifying roster work efficiently).
  • Nick says there is interest in Launceston - he will run a preliminary round up there to determine a Launceston champion who will take one place in the 8.
  • The Kingston mob are also welcome to send a champion who could take a place in the eight.

Sign up:

Please let me know:

  • If you want to enter - by return email to
  • Your preferred nationality.
  • Your preferred army type (provisional - you may change it after you see Africa2).

Don't be shy about signing up, with an elimination tournament we can cope with lots of entries & your commitment is only for a long as you keep winning. Inexperience is no barrier either - no one will mind beating you & who knows, you might get lucky.

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