Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vist to le Musee des Bindes, Saumur, 11/08/09

The Musee des Blindes in Saumur must be one of the best tank museums there is. I spent the whole morning there took about 180 pics to show/bore everyone when I get back, but have selected just few to attach.

The highlight is definitely la salle des Allemande. The first thing you see from the doorway is a Panther, beside it on the right is a KT, then a Tiger, a MkIV, a MkIII & a Mk II. The Mk I is the only one missing. Then there is collection of various Marders, a Hetzer, 2 Stugs (75 & 105 guns), Jagtpanther, Wespe, Brumbar, Maulier, even a Moblewaggon. A couple have some nasty holes in them, but many of them are in working order, dripping oil and smelling of diesel (including the KT & the Hetzer). There are also Paks, a 105, Neblewerfers & half tracks.

The French section only covers WWI & (strangely) only the first year of WWII. But there is some weird looking stuff there.

The Ities get a small space for a Semovente & a M13. Very cute.

The Salle des Allies is nowhere near as comprehensive as the Bad Guys' Salle but there's some nice stuff, inclusing:
US: Sherman, Honey, Grant & halftracks.
Brit: Matilda, Crusader AA, Sexton, Valentine, Churchill, Comet (no Cromwell regrettably).
Soviet: T34/76, T34/85, SU100 & a KV, also a heavy mortar & a Zis 2 (with seriously long barrel).

There is also a big collection of post WWII stuff too, but apart from noting how big modern heavy tanks are, I wasn't that interested in it. As well as the display inside, there are dozens of AFVs in various stages of disrepair parked around the workshops at the side & rear. There are a couple of Shermans in the carpark too.

The pics show:
1. My Citroen CV3 recon vehicle beside one of the Shermans in the carpark. (I was the 1st excited kid there).
2. A big SU and a KV.
3. The row of Panzers.
4. A shuffle of Marders (there's a Hetzer at the end & that low barrel is a Pak 40 in between).
5. Hetzer with me providing scale.
6. Tiger with me providing scale.

The museum website is: http://www.museedesblindes.fr/
Next time you are going to France I suggest you point out to your CIC how beautiful the Loire valley is.

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