Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nick in Launceston

OK -- this is getting embarrasing. Beaten by Keenan, on only his 2nd game of FOW. And he cant afford any FOW troops because he is saving up for his scout camp!

1500 pts encounter mission -- 654 Jagdpanther Compnay (Nick) vs 2nd US armour (Keenan). On a very open table with lots of clear fields of fire. Encounter Mission.

Keenan started off with his artillery and infantry on the table. He used the 2nd armoured 'free move for one unit' rule to advance his infantry in halftracks up to some hedged fields in the middle of the table. On the first turn he dismounted and moved his infantry into the fields. From there the infantry pushed to one of the objectives. The Jagdpanthers were kept busy holding the infantry off. In the meantime Keenan's tanks came on as reinfocements and strolled up to the other objective, where they machine-gunned the defenders and claimed victory.

Elsewhere in the club there was a mid war Russian vs German game (pictured), and the usual set of 40K games.

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