Thursday, August 20, 2009

Nick in Launceston

Flames of War -- Nick (Guards Tankovy) vs Les (2nd SS). 1500 pts each.

Les was a first time FOW player, but an experienced player of 40K etc. His force of infantry, AT guns, plus Barkmann looked thin, and a post game points check showed he was about 100 points short.

This was another very close game. Barkmann slowly worked through the Russian tanks, destroying one a turn. The Russian tanks massacred the SS infantry. And the Russian planes missed Barkmann 7 strikes in a row!

In the end, The Russian Katyushas killed the last Pak40, tipping the Germans over to having to take a company morale test. However, Barkmann, having killed all 11 of the Russian tanks, then killed a Katyusha, causing the Russians to take a morale test, which they failed. This then tipped them into taking company morale, and since their CinC was dead they failed.

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