Thursday, August 06, 2009

Nick in Launceston

Nick vs Jayden (sp?), 1500 pts Flames of War. Nick had a German defensive force (Sperrverband), and Jayden had a Russian Guards armoured force with Sturmoviks, T34/85, katyushas (Rocket launchers), etc.

Jayden was a 40K player who wanted to try Flames of War. The battle was called for time, but Jayden was clearly in the ascendency. The Germans Stug's had been destroyed. Their mortars had been destroyed. Their AT guns had been destroyed. And their hetzers were in trouble. In return the Germans had taken out 4 T34/85 tanks -- not enough to trouble the Russians.

The star of the battle was the sturmoviks, who pinned the AT guns, damaged the mortars, took out the stug's, and almost took out the German artillery!

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